Raising Awareness of Juvenile Justice Issues

Posted: August 19, 2011 in At-risk kids, childrens' rights, Juvenile Justice
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October is National Youth Justice Awareness Month. To learn more about it and find out how you can get involved check out Campagin for Youth Justice. CYJ is a geat advocacy group that works nationally yet on a grassroots level at bringing justice to incarcerated kids.

More and more I see in my contact with people at conferences and various book events that the only way we can get the laws changed so that children are treated as children in the criminal justice system  and not as “street thugs” or adult criminals is by educating ourselves and other people about the truth and reality of minors in jails. So many people don’t realize at what a young age kids can be locked up in adult facilities.

October seems a good month to start getting the word out.


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