New Prison Rape Prevention Regulations Will Spare Many Years of Pain–Here’s Why

Posted: May 19, 2012 in Criminal Justice, Human Rights, Minors in Adult Jails, Prison Conditions, Prison Rape, Prison Rape Elimination Commission
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I’ve written several times on this site about the issue of prison rape. Most recently, I brought up  the Department of Justices foot-dragging in implementing the Prison Rape Commissions’ recommendations on rape prevention. Among both correctional staff and inmates rape  is too often an accepted and expected consequence of being in jail. It’s just the old predator/prey food chain. In an excellent article entitled “Rape Should not be Part of the Penalty for Prisoners”  The Advocate  cogently spells out  why these regulations are so vital. These new rules for prevention will–I hope–relieve the suffering of so many prisoners, young and old.


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